Angel Award

Nomination letters must be submitted to the IVFA Central Office to the attention of the Angel Award Committee by February 1st.

  • Nominee must be a PAID current FEMALE member of the IVFA with at least 5 years of service.
  • Nominee can be a State Officer of the association (but not required).
  • Nominee must be involved with fire service, fire prevention, and community service.
  • No posthumous awards.
  • Application and letter of nomination must be in the hands of the Committee by the end of the first quarterly meeting of the year (it can be sent to the Central Office by Feb 1).
  • Award will be presented at the IVFA convention opening meeting by the IVFA President and the State Fire Marshall or an appointee representing the burn camp.
  • The Angel Award Committee will select the winner.
  • Winner need not be present at the convention to receive the award.
  • There will be a minimum of a $100.00 gift to the Hoosier Burn Camp in the recipient's honor.
Past Winners

2001 - Diane Harrison
2002 - Mary Wesley
2003 - Kallie Rehemal
2004 - Barb Kerney
2005 - Bridget Blanton
2006 - Elizabeth Diane Farthing
2007 - E.J. Smith
2008 - Kellie Landers
2009 - Joyce Ancil
2010 - Stacey M. Gilchrist
2011 - Beverly Harker
2012 - Marlene Thrawley
2013 - Jeanne Daunhauer
2014 - Kylie Corwin, Pennville VFD
2015 - Tracey Pfaff
2016 - Tammy Smith
2017 - Suzie Lewis