Bridgeport Scholarship

At the Annual meeting in June of 1986, it was announced that the Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department of Indianapolis, who, at that time was dissolving their corporation, had set up a Memorial Trust fund to be administered by the IVFA Board of Directors.

The fund was to be used for a Line of Duty Death Benefit of the survivor of a current IVFA member killed in the line of duty as a volunteer firefighter in the amount of Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00).

Also two Fifteen Hundred Dollar ($1,500.00) Scholarships were to be given to a child of a current member of the IVFA or the IVFAA. and presented annually.

Since this fund was established, the IVFA has added to it from the sale of IVFA License Plates and increased the number of scholarships from two to three scholarships annually.

Past Winners

1987 - Michael Ferry and Julia Schnck
1988 - Loretta Griffin and Lutecia Griffin
1989 - Catherine Pate and Kathy Lynn Trulock
1990 - Tina Fuhrman and Nancy Ward
1991 - Robert Cloud and Jonathon Pate
1992 - Jody Lyn Beuttner and Mary Ellen Reidenbach
1993 - Coralene Byers and Andrew Achafstall
1994 - Joshua DeCoursey and David Martin
1995 - Keli Rae Foust and Crystal Gayle James
1996 - Jennifer Israel and Mycal Mansfield
1997 - Nicholas Hauptli & Trina Helderman
1998 - Amanda Nelson & Holly Williamson
1999 - Elizabeth Elshoff & Brooke Minkert
2000 - Sarah Brovont & Tarah Kitchell
2001 - Tabitha Kitchell & Tessa Smith
2002 - Kyle Leeken & Jean Randle
2003 - Katherine Danielle Manus & Denver Joseph McDaniel

2004 - Jennifer Lingenfelser, Molly Lynne Feilds, and Heather Diane Werry
2005 - Brittni Jo Bailey, Britani Shayne Hollis, Kurtiss Todd McKissick
2006 - Whitney Hochgesang, Sarah E. Bauman, Annette Marie Sieverding
2007 - Erica Holloway, Megan Walker, Katelyn Bruns
2008 - Brittney Haas, Morgan Joann Borden, Taylor Jackson Gage
2009 - Ashley Rehmel, Micajah Green, Aaron Hoeing
2010 - Jessie Ann Johnson, Andrew J. Binkle, Amanda K. Workman
2011 - Kyle D. Smith, Andrea M. Tappy, Elaina M. Voss
2012 - Mitchell Haas, Tatijana Marsee, Robert King lll
2013 - Trevor L. Vaal, Jostus K. Mohlke, Shelby A. Smith
2014 - Morganne Leigh Haas, Stephanie Kay Hoeing, Amanda Louise Middleton
2015 - Cole Jeffery Barker, Dylan Michael Lee Shumaker, Jasmine Mae Vonderheide
2016 - Katie Jo Singer, Emily McFarland, Lauren Schnell
2017 - Amelia Sorg, Paige Blades, Dana Sutherlin