Junior Firefighter Award

Qualifications for the IVFA Junior Firefighter Award
  • Actively Involved In An Organized Junior Firefighter Program or Cadet Program.
  • Department Must Be a Paid Department of the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter's Association.
  • Must Be Between The Ages of 14 & 21 Years Of Age.
  • Must Be a High School Graduate, Attending High School or Attending a School of Higher Learning, or received a GED.
  • Letters Of Recommendation Must Be Received In The Office Of The IVFA By February 1.
  • Award Will Be Presented At The IVFA Convention Held In June.
  • The Award Will Be Judged By The Awards Committee And Will Be Overseen By Jack Kerney For The First Three Years.
  • Award Will Be Donated And Presented By Jack & Barbara Kerney.
  • The Award Will Be A Large Gold Speaking Trumpet With A Green Cord Mounted On A Walnut Base.
Selection Criteria for the IVFA Junior Firefighter Award
  • Level of training the participant has achieved.
  • Number of years in Junior Firefighter program.
  • Duties the participant has been assigned to and participated in.
  • Number of hours the participant has accumulated in training, fire prevention, fund raiser, etc. (list all that apply with number of hours)
  • Letters of reference. (church, school, other organizations)
  • Outside activities (church, school, other organizations)
  • Family and school back ground.
  • Career field the participant would like to follow.
  • Any other pertinent information that would be useful.
  • In your own words state why you feel you should be selected as the Junior Firefighter of the year.
Past Winners

2014 - Justin Baker, Bloomfield VFD
2015 - Noah Wilson
2016 - Hunter Morrow
2017 - Cody Price