The 121st Session of the Indiana General Assembly returns to the State House... January 2018

Fellow IVFA Members: we have entered the 2018 session of the Indiana General Assembly. In doing so the IVFA wants to make everyone aware of our legislative agenda, and other legislative information or actions that could affect how we operate, who we serve, and what we do as a VOLUNTEER.

Our goal is to keep you as up-to-date and informed as possible and to bring you into the discussions of all proposed legislation that will impact the way you provide service.

Visit this site and this page often as things will change daily as the bills in which the IVFA is working and monitoring is being heard, altered, and voted on.

  • To see our legislative agenda please visit the Legislative Updates Tab
  • To find out who your State Representative or Senators are please visit the Tab Who is Your Legislator
  • To track the bills as the session begins, go to the Tab marked IVFA Weekly Bill Track
  • And to keep us informed / updated of your contact information to receive legislative updates via a text message go to the tab marked IamResponding, fill in the blocks and send it by email to the Lobbyist at

Please continue to fill out the IamResponding contact information sheets as we are still building out our database and will use it during this legislative session as a means of reaching out to you with updates, information, and requests for your assistance.

If I can help with Questions, Concerns, or legislative issues please I am just a phone call or email away. Hope to see you at your District Meetings and at the Annual Meeting.

Lastly I invite you to join me any time you are in Indianapolis during the session and I will try to get you a visit with your State Representative and State Senator.

Larry Curl
IVFA Member / Lobbyist
317-605-6669 (cell)

Reading the Weekly Update Report
When the Legislative Session is underway; reports will be posted weekly, usually on Friday or Saturday. Bills are posted in numerical order, House Bills (HB) and then Senate Bills (SB). There is a brief description about the bill. Other information may be provided, such as the bill "Author", which committee it has been assigned to, and some history on the progress of the bill. Those bills designated with a SUPPORT have been identified as bill we think will help us. Those that are marked as OPPOSE have been identified by the IVFA Legislative Committee, as those bills we need to pay close attention to. At the bottom of each bill if we find that your help is needed to either support or oppose you will find a comment in the NOTE area.

Finding your Legislator
To help you find who your Legislators are, please click here.

Weekly update on Bills
To view the weekly update on all bills being tracked by the IVFA click on IVFA Weekly Bill Track

View Entire Bill
To view the entire content of a bill go to State Bill page: Click on the bill number in blue.

Who is your Legislator | IVFA Weekly Bill Track

To view the entire content of a bill or all legislators who have sponsored a bill click on Indiana Bill Watch and when the screen asks for a bill number add it to the proper box.