Legislator of the Year Award

The legislator of the year award was created in 2009 as a way to show our appreciation for a legislator that has worked with and for the IVFA either in support of or to stop legislation that would impact the IVFA.

It is a way that we can say thank you, for those that understand and support the IVFA.

Any one may submit a Nomination Letter to nominate a State Legislator that has helped you, your department, or the Volunteer fire service, you simple need to submit a letter to the central office on or before Feb 1st of the year in which you wish to make the nomination.

Included in the letter should be:

Reason for the nomination

The nominations will be reviewed by the Legislative Committee and if accepted they will make all the necessary arrangements to award the legislator of the year to that individual at our annual convention held in June of the year of the nomination.

Question should be directed to our Lobbyist Larry Curl

Past Winners

2009 - Robert Bischoff
2010 - Senator Jean Leising
2011 - Senator Sue Glick
2014 - Kreig Battles
2015 - Jud McMillin, Eric Allen Koch, Randell Frye
2017 - Rep. Milo Smith